A Loving Relationship

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How to make money, dinner,
conversation, and love.
How to change a tire, a diaper,
and a woman’s mind.
When to hold on and when to let go.
Basic carpentry, plumbing and
automotive repair.
Be an expert in advanced foreplay.
Know trouble when he sees it.
True love when he feels it.
A load of bull when he hears it.
The symptoms of PMS and
how to deal with them.
How to fast talk and slow dance.
An expert at the art of seduction.
Knowing that his wife
(lover, girlfriend)
is not his mother.
Know a woman’s erogenous zones.
Know how to negotiate the
inevitable compromises of a
romantic relationship in ways that
keep both sides as happy as possible.
Know Which medical tests he
needs and when to get them.
Know his own needs and another
person’s ability to fulfil them.
Know where to get breakfast,gas, or
a prescription filled at 2 am.
Know how to give a toast
and take a compliment.
Know when to talk and when to listen.
Know his way around a kitchen.
The futility of unrequited love.
The ecstasy of unconditional love.
Know how to open a bottle of champagne.
Know how to close a deal.
Realize the magic of a woman.