Twisted Rose
Sad Love Poems
by Judith Pordon

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Twisted Rose

She was pursued
by a throng of suitors,
as his one shy rose
wooed her

with idling patience
in tentative
low gear,

but when he accelerated,
certainly sure,

he flew preoccupied
off an unseen curve
and never returned.

Now a sculpture
of twisted petals
dance in sardonic curves

around a shrunken heart
in a vase
without water.
- Sad Love Poem
by Judith Pordon


I may no longer breathe
Without breathing you.
- Quote by Judith Pordon

The actual Blue Rose murders,
which lie at the core of the
three novels, yield various
incorrect solutions which
assume the status of truth.
- Quote by Peter Straub

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Sad Love Poems


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Twisted Rose - Sad Love Poems


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