Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
Arlinton National Cemetery
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, sybolizes the
many unidentified soldiers who have died in war.

"Here Rests
In Honored Glory
An American Soldier
Known But To God"

And they who for their country die
shall fill an honored grave,
for glory lights the soldier's tomb,
and beauty weeps the brave.
- Joseph Drake

The Unknown Soldier

Wait until the war is over
And we're both a little older
The unknown soldier

Breakfast where the news is read
Television children fed
Unborn living, living dead
Bullet strikes the helmet's head

And it's all over
For the unknown soldier
It's all over
For the unknown soldier, uh hu-uh

Hut ho hee up!
Hut ho hee up!
Pree-sent arms!

Make a grave for the unknown soldier
Nestled in your hollow shoulder
The unknown soldier

Breakfast where the news is read
Television children fed
Bullet strikes the helmet's head

And, it's all over,
The war is over.
It's all over, war is over.
It's all over, baby!
All over, baby!
All, all over, yeah!
Aah, hah-hah.
All over, all over, babe!
Oh! Oh yeah!
All over, all over!
- The Doors

The Unknown Soldier

We did not bury him deep enough; break up the monument,
Open the tomb, strip off the flags and the flowers
And let us look at him plainly, naked Man.
Greet him with silence since all the speeches were lies,
Clothe him in fresh khaki, hand him a rifle
And turn him loose to wander the city streets
Where eyes so quickly inured to death's accoutrement
Will hardly spare him a glance, equipped to die for us.

"You see that fellow with the grin, one eye on the girls,
The other on the pub, his uniform shabby already?
Well, don't let him hear us, but he's the Unknown Soldier,
They just let him out, they say he lives for ever.
They put him away with flowers and flags and forget him,
But he always comes when they want him. He does the fighting.'
- Douglas Alexander Stewart

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Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Military


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