Women Washing Their Hair
Poem by by Carl Sandburg

Poems About Women

Women Washing Their Hair

Women Washing Their Hair

They have painted and sung
the women washing their hair,
and the plaits and strands in the sun,
and the golden combs
and the combs of elephant tusks
and the combs of buffalo horn and hoof.

The sun has been good to women,
drying their heads of hair
as they stooped and shook their shoulders
and framed their faces with copper
and framed their eyes with dusk or chestnut.

The rain has been good to women.
If the rain should forget,
if the rain left off for a year-
the heads of women would wither,
the copper, the dusk and chestnuts, go.

They have painted and sung
the women washing their hair-
reckon the sun and rain in, too.
- Poem by Carl Sandburg

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Women Washing Their Hair


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