The Language
Of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

Flowers have their very own special language, where words are unnecessay when flowers are given to that special person in your life. No language is more beautiful than the language of flowers silent whispers of "I love you!"

Communicating with flowers became the height of fashion under Queen Victoria, when nineteenth century publishers produced dozens of dictionaries explaining "floriography" as "The Language of Flowers." Lovers used the guidebooks to gather nosegays, bouquets and tussie-mussies --from the medieval tussie (knot of flowers) and mussie (moist moss used to keep flowers fresh) The Victorians also created special holders for these bouquets so that a lady could carry her flowers with her, just as she would her purse.

From the time of Solomon, the rose has been the flower most closely linked with love. The rose was sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, and was connected to her messenger, Cupid. In one myth, Cupid was hurrying to the council of the gods, carrying a vase of nectar for them to drink. When he stumbled and spilled the nectar, it bubbled onto the earth and sprang up in the form of roses.

Forget Me Not Flowers: When the Lady of the fairies named all the flowers in the world she forgot one of them. All the flowers were happy except the one without a name, who was very sad. She used to stay in a valley on the bank of a stream and cry. The Lady of the fairies took a walk through the fields and she was very happy to see all the flowers smiling in the sunshine but when she saw the sad one crying she fell petty and asked her why she was crying.

The flower replied that all flowers in the world had been given a name only she had been forgotten. The Lady of the fairies returned to her palace and invited the sad flower there. Then the Lady said: "Well you haven't forgotten me though I forgot to give you a name, so from now on your name will be "Forget me not".

Flowers are Love's truest language;
they betray, Like the divining rods
of Magi old, Where precious wealth
lies buried, not of gold, But love...
strong love, that never can decay!
- Park Benjamin

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The Language
Of Roses


Where Have All
the Flowers Gone?



Find the Best Of Love,
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The Language of Flowers


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