Texas Quotes

Texas Quotes

A Collection of Texas Quotes

The whole state of Texas has
really stepped up on this thing,
and I'm especially proud to
be a Texan today.
- Texan Quote by Tracy Byrd

I've always gotten along well
with Texans. You've got to.
- Texan Quote by Burt Reynolds

I just want Texas to be number one
in something other than executions,
toll roads and property taxes.
Texas Quote by Kinky Friedman

Originally, I came from Texas,
and we lived on... I guess
you'd call it welfare,
what we called relief.
- Texas Quotes by Carol Burnett

If you ain't Texan,
I ain't got time for you.
- Texan Quote by Kinky Friedman

It's the one day of the year
when everybody in the world
can be a Texan and celebrate it.
We have a unique state. We have
a unique character.
- Texan Quote by Charles Yates

As governor of Texas, I have set
high standards for our public schools,
and I have met those standards.
- Texas Quote by George W. Bush

You may all go to Hell,
and I will go to Texas.
- Texas Quote by Davy Crockett

There's an old saying in Tennessee-
I know it's in Texas,
probably in Tennessee...
that says, fool me once,
shame on... shame on you.
Fool me... you can't
get fooled again.
- Texas Quote by George W. Bush

When you see Texans coming
down here, you know
that something is up.
- Texan Quote by Robert Williams

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Texas Quotes

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