Story About A Dog Named Tramp
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Story About A Dog Named Tramp - True Dogs Tails

Meet Tramp, the Whirling Dervish of dogs! His favorite pastime is to stand in the middle of my large back yard and slowly start moving in circles, then, faster, and faster, and faster -he will keep this up for several minutes, never swerving, never running into the fence or anything; then he comes to a complete standstill and not show any sign of dizziness-Amazing!

You think "So?" "That's what dogs do!" But, you see, Tramp is totally blind! Bless his heart, when I first brought him home, he bumped into anything, everything, and everybody. He would trip, fall down and just lay down and whimper so sadly, but slowly, he worked his way around the house and then slowly, around the yard and figured out his route through the maze of unseen objects. (How does a dog picture in his mind a wall, a chair, a couch, a fence, trees? ASTOUNDING!)

The day I brought Tramp home was a sad day, because I did not think he would be able to function and I would have to put him to sleep and he had already wheedled his way into my heart! He was such a forlorn looking, scruffy uncared for lost dog!

Earlier that day, I had been pushing a shopping cart through the isles at the local second hand thrift store, when I heard this painful yelping, like a dog being hurt. I looked around, did not see a dog or anything that would make that horrible sound. I heard it again, it was coming from the direction of the front entrance, so I walked up that way, and sure enough, there was a sad looking dog caught in the electronic entrance door of the store, scared and yelping and whining in pain. I looked around and no one was even interested in helping the poor creature, so I went out the OUT automatic door and reentered the IN automatic door, releasing the poor scruffy dog and chasing him outside. I went back to my cart and continued my shopping, and felt something warm and wet push against the back of my leg. I looked back and there was the dog trying to lick my leg and wagging his tail wildly. I led him back outside, he was very meek and easy to handle, and shushed him away. I wondered where his owner was, and wondered why he was not better taken care of.

Meanwhile, back to my shopping; which I never completed, because that poor mangy creature kept getting back in the store, and kept following me around. People started staring at us; a few asked rudely, why did I not leave my dog outside? I asked a clerk in the store if he knew the dog, to whom he might belong? He said," No, he is just a street urchin that hangs around for scraps."

Well, I couldn't just walk away from this little street tramp, I would have to take him home, so I left my card with the clerk in case someone came looking for him(which I strongly doubted would happen!) He eagerly followed me to my car and when he just stood there wagging his tail and would not jump in the car, just kept looking up at me and whimpering, I realized he was blind, bless his heart, and that he had found and followed me with just his nose! Now what?

Well, I guessed I just got adopted by a lost, loving, blind trampy dog! So I put him in my car, and Tramp and I went home together, to become faithful loving friends, me and my Tramp!
- Savanah Hindi ©

A Dog Has Died

The one absolutely unselfish friend
that man can have in this selfish world,
the one that never deserts him, the one
that never proves ungrateful or treacherous,
is his dog.
- George Vest

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Story About A Dog Named Tramp - True Dogs Tails

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