Sentimental Love
Practical Love

Sentimental Love - Practical Love

Love The Practical, Love The Sentimental

Love has many ways of expressing itself,
but in general the ways are two...
the practical and the sentimental.
Which is the higher and better way?
It is merely a question
of appropriateness
under the circumstances.
Love must express itself
very often in coal, and cornmeal,
and salt pork, and clothes.
But let it not be concluded that
love may not express itself
in acts of pure sentiment.
The soul has needs.
Sympathy and tenderness
and friendship are just as real
and more enduring,
than coal and wood.
Sometimes a flower
is more important than flour;
sometimes a word of cheer
is better than gold.
© Ferral

In three words I can sum up
everything I've learned about life:
it goes on.
- Robert Frost

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