My Pretty Rose Tree
William Blake Poems

Lady Banks Rose Tree
Tombstone, Arizona

My Pretty Rose Tree - William Blake Poems

My Pretty Rose Tree

A flower was offer'd to me,
Such a flower as May never bore;
But I said 'I've a Pretty Rose tree,'
And I passed the sweet flower o'er.

Then I went to my Pretty Rose-tree,
To tend her by day and by night;
But my rose turn'd away with jealousy,
And her thorns were my only delight.
- Poem William Blake

The Rose Tree

A "Lady Banks" rose tree at
Tombstone, Arizona, has a trunk
40 inches thick, stands 9 ft.
high and covers an area of
5,380 sq ft, supported by 68
posts and several thousand
feet of iron piping. These enable
150 people to be seated under the
arbor. The original cutting came
from Scotland in 1884.
- Guiness World Record

A Rose

A sepal, petal, and a thorn
Upon a common summer's morn,
A flash of dew, a bee or two,
A breeze
A caper in the trees,-
And I 'm a rose!
- Poems Emily Dickinson

The Language
Of Roses



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Passion, And Romance

My Pretty Rose Tree - William Blake Poems


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