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I didn't know the meaning of roses; the meaning of the different colors of roses until recently. All I knew was that they signified love!

I believe the most beautiful flowers in the world are the roses. Roses are the universal language in most parts of the world, because when given to someone special, they express love and passion.

Red roses are my favorite, and when I see them, their beauty takes my breath away. Roses of all colors are breathtakingly beautiful, too.

Here you will find the meaning of roses:

A single red rose, or three red roses says I love you, or I still love you, while a single rose in any color indicates simplicity and gratitude.

The moss rosebud expresses confessions of love.

White roses symbolize eternal love, innocence, purity and secrecy and silence.

Red and white roses together, or white roses with red edges says harmony.

Pink roses have different meanings, depending on their shade. The deep pink rose means gratitude, appreciation, or I'm falling in love, while the light pink conveys sympathy or admiration.

Yellow roses symbolize happiness and friendship.

Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm, fascination and desire.

When red and yellow roses are together, they stand for cheerfulness and happiness.

A deep burgundy rose means unconscious beauty.

Black roses symbolize death.

Pale colors mean sociability and friendship.

Hybrid tea roses mean I’ll remember you always and sweetheart roses symbolize just what their name implies.

Two roses taped or wired together to form a single stem signal an engagement or coming marriage.

A full blown rose placed over two buds forms a combination that signifies secrecy.

Withered white roses have two meanings: fleeting beauty and you made no impression.

A crown made of roses signifies reward or virtue.

When you give a thorn less rose, you are expressing, Love at first sight.

The leaves on roses symbolize hope.

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Meaning of Roses


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