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Make Believe Dreams

I blew away into the wind,
beyond the Milky Way,
tossing memories about,
like falling stars
to ruefully descend,
and paused a trice
or was it forever?
It mattered not,
not whatsoever.

I suddenly heard
the heavens sigh,
and beyond musical spheres
came a thunderous cry:

"You are a LARK,
with wings through haloes of gold,
like rims of the moon up high,
Upon a supernal starlit sky.
Oh my LARK, unearthly lover,
how strikingly odd it seems,
that we exist here in space,
to fall in love
with one another.
'Your name is ANOTHER,'
unearthly Lover,
Your name is a LARK,"
unlike no other,
this is true,
and I love you."

How strikingly odd indeed it seems,
this make believe tale
of make believe dreams,
as this charade,
is suddenly hushed by a spark,
to plummet from orbital space,
dispiritedly to sink,
down through the orb of night;
into the dark...
Savanah Hindi

Your vision will become clear only
when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.
- Quote by Carl Gustav Jung

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Make Believe Dreams - Love Poems

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