Lost Love Poems

It's never easy getting over the lost love of a lover.
The pain of breaking up, the tears and sorrow of parting,
the final farewell, leaves a heart bleeding, leaves a heart lost.
Here you will find a large collection of lost love poems.

Love Lost Love Poems

Lost Love Poems

The Sorrow of Love Poem by William Butler Yeats

A Rose In The Deeps of My Heart Poem by William Butler Yeats

Lost Love Poems: The Parting Michael Drayton

A Farewell Coventry Patmore

The Hour Has Come To Part Poem Lady Gregory

At The Mid Hour Of Night Poem Thomas Moore

Love In A Life Poem by Robert Browning

When We Two Parted Lord Byron

To Lose Thee Poem by Emily Dickinson

When You Come Poem Maya Angelou

Lost Love Poems: Detached Maya Angelou

Lost Love Poems: Funeral Blues W. H. Auden

I Do Not Love You Pablo Neruda

When Lamp Is Shattered Poem by Shelley

To An Absent Lover Helen Hunt Jackson

The Hourglass Ben Jonson

I Leave Thee For Awhile Poem by Eliza Cook

Night Has A Thousand Eyes Poem by Bourdillon

You Left Me Poem by Emily Dickinson

Love Lies Bleeding Poem by William Wordsworth

I Loved You Once Alexander Pushkin

I Loved A Lass Poem by George Wither

Lost Love Poems, No Tears Alexander Pushkin

Heart, We Will Forget Poem by Emily Dickinson

Lost Love Poems: Twenty Poems Pablo Neruda

Her Voice Oscar Wilde

Lost Love Poems: Loves Draft Poem by Dunbar

There is nothing in the world so wonderful
as to love and be loved; there is nothing
so devastating as love lost.

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Lost Love Poems