A Lifetime Too Late
Love Poems
Poem by Savanah Hindi

A Lifetime Too Late - Love Poems

Arabian Knight

Arabesque, Arabian horses, camels and gazelles
Twinkle stars, Arab sheik, when first I saw him standing there
Kingly love, Arabian Knight, mantle covered head
Body draped in red
Magical beauty in you Man
Strong as a rock, yet, tender as a Sahara breeze
With eyes as dark as an endless midnight
Independent as the Persian Gulf
Sensitive, sparkled smile, poetry in my heart
When first I saw him standing there
In silenced shock, mine eyes tore off his masculinity
As maleness oozed, every pore, his gentle body
Natural, sympathetic, understanding love...
Idealized through a trillion dreams forever he will be
Mozart, Liszt and Wagner
Ali Baba, Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor
You Magnetic Mountain all in one
Arabian Knight, draped in red
Reverence I searched
Reverence I found
A lifetime
- Savanah Hindi ©

There is an immeasurable distance
between late and too late.
- Quote by Og Mandino

There was a knight came riding by
In early spring, when the roads were dry;
And he heard that lady sing at the noon,
Two red roses across the moon.
- Quote by William Morris

All the honey a bee gathers
during its lifetime doesn't
sweeten its sting.
- Italian Proverb

Arabesque Arabian Dreams
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A Lifetime Too Late - Love Poems


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