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Spin The Bottle

Kissing Games - Spin The Bottle

One of my most vivid memories of kissing games is spin the bottle (7 minutes in heaven), a kissing game that has been around since the beginning of time.

The empty soda bottle was thick, heavy and could spin for what seemed an eternity. Kissing on the lips. Yes! That’s what it was deliberately used for. Thanks to spin the bottle, I got my very first kisses, although it was a game that would ultimately cause me heartache as a kid. That old bottle would spin effortlessly with even the slightest of spins. It was a balanced and steady spin that gave whoever dared to play, plenty of time to nervously hope the spinning bottle would stop in front of him or her to win a kiss by one’s childhood crush. In my case that boy was my puppy love Timothy!

Timothy had the most beautiful bedroom eyes that made most girls go red in the face when they saw him. I know I must have blushed like crazy and turned as crimson as a tomato every time we looked at each other. I could never muster the nerve to express how I felt about him. TRUE LOVE! Instead I acted as if I wasn’t interested in him, or in playing that silly spin the bottle game, even though I secretly looked forward to playing the kissing game. We were both so young; only 14 year old teens and terribly shy.

Playing spin the bottle was always suggested by Tom, who was Timothy’s friend. We’d all go along with it and sit in a circle on the floor. Tom was this boy with red hair and freckles all over his face. I could tell he liked me. Now that I think of it, his motive for playing the game may have been to kiss ME. That bottle just wasn’t ever in my favor in allowing me the chance to kiss Timothy! My friend Norma was always the lucky girl. Every time I’d see her kissing Timothy, it felt as if a dagger had pierced my heart!
- Savanah

Love is a game that two
can play and both win.
- Eva Gabor

I'm so in love, every time I
look at you my soul gets dizzy.
- Jaesse Tyler

Kissing games aren't any fun,
unless you play with the one you love!
- Savanah Hindi

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Kissing Games - Spin The Bottle


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