Kisses Are Misses
Kissing Love Poems

Poem by Peter Stavropoulos

Kisses Are Misses - Kissing And KissesLove Poems

Your dress is fluttering
In the wind
- Kiss

In the sun
- Kiss

You wore this morning
- Kiss

- Kiss

Kisses are misses
- Kiss
Come back again
- Poem by
Peter Stavropoulos

Where one drop of blood drains a castle of
life, so one kiss can bring it alive again.
- The Sleeping Beauty

A kiss is a lovely trick designed
by nature to stop speech when
words become superfluous.
- Ingrid Bergman

I'm so tired, but I can't sleep...
standing on the edge of something
much too deep...funny how I feel
so much but cannot say a word...
we are screaming inside,
oh, but we can't be heard...
so afraid to love you,
more afraid to lose...
clinging to a past.
- Sarah McLachlan

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Kisses Are Misses - Kissing Love Poems - Poem by Peter Stavropoulos


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