Kiss In Different Languages
How do you say kiss in any language?
For kissing fun, send a kiss in any
language to the one you love.

Kiss In Different Languages

Kiss Translated Into Different Languages

Kiss In Afghan Farsi: Moch
Kiss In Arabic: Kiss: Qubla, Koblaat
Kiss In Armenian: Hambyur

Kiss In Cantonese: Sek, Ki-si
Kiss In Catalan: Petó, Bes
Kiss In Classical Latin: Basium
Kiss In Croatian: Poljubac, Pusa
Kiss In Czech: Polibek

Kiss In Danish: Kys
Kiss In Dutch : Kus

Kiss In Esperanto: Kiso, Kisi
Kiss In Euskara: Muxu

Kiss In Filipino: Halik
Kiss In French: Bisou

Kiss In Galician: Bico
Kiss In German: Kuss, Küsschen
Kiss In Greek: Fili
Kiss In Gujarati: Pappi

Kiss In Hebrew: Neshika
Kiss In Hindi: Chummha
Kiss In Hungarian: Csók

Kiss In Indonesian: Cium
Kiss In Irish: Póg, Pogín
Kiss In Irish Gaelic: Pogue
Kiss In Italian: Bacci

Kiss In Japanese: Kisu, Kuchizuke, Chu

Kiss In Korean: Ki-su
Kiss In Kurdish: Mach

Kiss In Latin: Osculum
Kiss In Latvian: Skuupsts

Kiss In Norwegian: Kyss

Kiss In Malay: Ciuman
Kiss In Malayalam: Umma

Kiss In Persian: Bouseh
Kiss In Polish: Buziak
Kiss In Portuguese: Beijo

Kiss In Romanian: Pupic

Kiss In Scottish Gaelic: Pòg
Kiss In Serbian: Poljubac
Kiss In Sinhalese: Haaduwa, Haadu
Kiss In Slovak: Bozk, Pusa
Kiss In Slovenian: Poljub
Kiss In Spanish: Beso, Besito
Kiss In swedish: Kyss, Puss

Kiss In Tagalog: Halik
Kiss In Tamil: Mutham, Muthu

Kiss In Ukrainian: Pocilunok

Kiss In València: Bes

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature
to stop speech when words become superfluous.
- Ingrid Bergman

Any man who can drive safely while kissing
a pretty girl is simply not giving
the kiss the attention it deserves.
- Albert Einstein

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Kiss In Different Languages


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