Invisible Words of Gossip
Death By Gossip

Invisible Words of Gossip - Slander - Fault-Finding

Invisible words of gossip,
Lips spewing juices of hate.
Surrogate gods,
Detestable clacks,
Encircling bottomless pits.
Three Black Widow Spiders,
Squatting in place,
Hushed in soft whisper,
Keenly, malicious, cremate.
Carnivorous vultures
Cloaked in shrouds of destruction,
Luring quarry by harps and seranade.
Digesting faults untrue,
Inside their rancid hearts.
Dolorous prophets,
Chanting spasms of lies,
Tainted with my blood.
Three Black Widow Spiders,
Praying prostrate
Before the cross,
As ruined slaughter,
Etch their ancient scrolls.
These primitive parasites,
With accusing criss-crossed fingers,
In silenced shame shame.
"Devoted fidelity,
Loyal and true,"
Vowed these odious
Gossip mongering spiders of jest.
Deeply embedded fingerprints
Of malignant sores,
They left upon my weary dreary soul,
Black Widow Spiders,
Of viperous malicious slander,
One, Two and Three,
They drained my life,
And embraced
With a smile
- Savanah Hindi ©

It is a miserable thing
to live a life of suspense,
it is the life of
a spider.
- Quote by Swift

Is of naught but clamor and woe
And strife.
She is but the web of
The Spider,
the tunnel of the mole
-Quote by Kahlil Gibran

The most venomous spiders are
the Brazilian wandering spiders
of the genus Phoneutiria and
particularly P. fera, which has
the most active neurotoxic venom
of any living spider.
- Guiness World Records

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Invisible Words of Gossip - Death By Gossip


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