Inspirational Poem
A Lesson From History

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Inspirational Poem - A Lesson From History

Everything's easy after it's done;
Every battle's a "cinch" that's won;
Every problem is clear that's solved-
The earth was round when it "revolved!"
But Washington stood amid grave doubt
With enemy forces camped about;
He could not know how he would fare
Till "after" he'd crossed the Delaware.

Though the river was full of ice
He did not think about it twice,
But started across in the dead of night,
The enemy waiting to open the fight.
Likely feeling pretty blue,
Being human, same as you,
But he was brave amid despair,
And Washington crossed the Delaware!

So when you're with trouble beset,
And your spirits are soaking wet,
When all the sky with clouds is black,
Don't lie down upon your back
And look at "them". Just do the thing;
Though you are choked, still try to sing.
If times are dark, believe them fair,
And you will cross the Delaware!
- Poem by Joseph Morris

A wise man learns by the mistakes
of others, a fool by his own.
- Edgar Alan Poe

The results you achieve will be in direct
proportion to the effort you apply.
- Denis Waitley

Every day do something that will inch
you closer to a better tomorrow.
- Doug Firebaugh

Most of the shadows of this life are
caused by standing in one's own sunshine.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Inspirational Poem - A Lesson From History


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