The Two Frogs and the Bucket of Milk
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Inspirational Motivational Stories - Two Frogs Bucket Of Milk

The Two Frogs and the Bucket of Milk

Two young frogs fell into a bucket of milk. Both tried to jump to freedom, but the sides of the bucket were steep and no foundation was to be had on the surface of the liquid. Seeing little chance of escape, the first frog soon despaired and stopped jumping. After a short while he sunk to the bottom of the bucket and drowned.

The second frog also saw no likelihood of success, but he never stopped trying. Even though each jump seemed to reach the same inadequate height, he kept on struggling. Eventually, his persistent efforts churned some milk into butter. From the now hardened surface of the milk, he managed to leap out of the bucket.

The moral of this little inspiring story:

Those who don't give up and persevere may be in for a pleasant surprise!
- Unknown

Frogs have it easy, they
can eat what bugs them

Never try to catch two
frogs with one hand.
- Chinese Proverbs quotes

When they speak, dead frogs
fall out of their mouths.
- David Hare

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Inspirational Motivational Stories - Two Frogs Bucket Of Milk


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