I Do Not Love You Anymore
Love Poems
Poem by Julio Herrera Y Reissig
Uruguay Poet

I Do Not Love You Anymore - Love Poems

I did not love you anymore, yet I never stopped
loving the shadow of your distant love.
I did not love you anymore, yet that kiss
of denial united us for a moment...

Sour pleasure and barbarous charm
contracted my face and deadened my countenance.
I did not love you anymore, yet I was troubled
like a virgin in a dark forest.

And while you were lost forever, looking
at your walk into the night of eternal mourning
the heart dead, love voiceless,

pitiless, heinous, rough, inexorable...
I never lived a death like that one,
and never loved you more than in that minute!
- Julio Herrera Y Reissig

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Love Poems


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I Do Not Love You Anymore - Love Poems


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