I Believe In Miracles

I Believe in Miracles

I Believe in Miracles

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Some skeptics say, "Oh, the miracles, I can’t accept miracles." One may drop a brown seed in the black soil and up cones a green shoot. You let it grow and by and by you pull up its root and you find it red. You cut the red root and find it has a white heart. Can anyone tell how this comes about- how brown cast into black results in green and then in red and white? Yet you eat your radish without troubling your mind over miracles. Men are not distressed by miracles in the dinning room; they reserve them for regional!
- Bryan

Miracles occur naturally as expressions
of love. The real miracle is the love
that inspires them. In this sense
everything that comes from love
is a miracle.
- Marie Lloyd

Man can believe the impossible,
but can never believe the improbable.
- Oscar Wilde quotes


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I Believe in Miracles