For The Love Of Dogs
And All Animals

Animal lovers find dogs, cats, pets, puppies poems, quotes, recipes,
pictures. Stop the abuse and cruelty of dogs and all animals.
For the love of all animals who can't speak, let us be their voice.

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For The Love Of Dogs and All Animals

Both humans and dogs love to play well
into adulthood, and individuals from both species
occasionally display evidence of having a conscience.
- Jon Winokur

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no
questions, they pass no criticisms.
- George Eliot

Ask the experimenters why they experiment
on animals, and the answer is:
"Because the animals are like us."
Ask the experimenters why it is
morally okay to experiment
on animals, and the answer is:
"Because the animals are not like us."
Animal experimentation rests
on a logical contradiction.
- Charles R. Magel

For the Love of Dogs

For The Love Of Dogs
And All Animals


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For The Love Of Dogs And All Animals

For the Love of Dogs For the Love of Dogs
Please adopt a pet. There are so many dogs and cats
at the animal shelter who need your love and care.
Please spay and neuter.