Flames Of Desire
Sensual Romantic Love Poems
Poem by Savanah Hindi

Flames Of Desire - Sensual Romantic Love Poems

In spiritual solitude
I surrender
Beyond the heavens...
I Totally surrender
And faith grows
And the barrier
Of distance
Is shattered
At my command
I envision
And weaken
At the mere thought of
Unrelenting flames of desire
Expel throughout my body
My every instinct...

Fear not
For you cannot
That vulnerable moment
When your defenses
Nor can you defy...
The fragments of
That I've implanted in
Yes, come now
My love
For you can not
Are the combustible
Trust me
Share with me
- Savanah Hindi ©

An ideal of love: To love with all desire and
yet to be as kind as an old man past desire.
- Yeats

What is beyond desire,
but desire?
- Gretel Ehrlich

The face of a lover is an unknown,
precisely because it is invested
with so much of oneself.
It is a mystery,
containing like all mysteries,
the possibility of torment.
- James Baldwin

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Flames Of Desire - Sensual Love Poems


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