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Decades Back In Time With Roaring Twenties Vintage Picture

Time regressed this morning
In my strummed up wicked mind,
Envisioned you, envisioned me,
Another place, another time.
Just be patient, hold on tight,
For now my darling you will see,
Where you and I just might have been,
Decades back in time.
Here we are, me and you,
Intersection Dearborn
And Madison Avenue.
Silk red shirt,
Silver stunning tie,
All the little cuties,
Wish you were their guy.
Diamond studded buckle,
Aroma, honeysuckle.
Tawny hat with a bite at the brim,
Standing arrogant
And handsomely trim.
I'm your slinky lady,
With the raven hair,
Lips of red,
With eyes of emeralds,
Hold me honey, hold me,
Clutch me to your side,
Oh, flashy gangster,
Lets go for a ride.
Custom Lincoln limousine,
Enter and we're gone...
Chauffeured through the crowded streets
With you my man of brawn.
New York Yankee's Babe Ruth,
Kin of home run hits,
Rudolph Valentino,
Women at their wits,
Lindberg at the airfield,
Coolidge at his side,
Enthusiasm beaming,
Glorious pride.
Bold stead Act, bootleggers
And profitable crime,
The gangsters and the mobsters,
Who'll smack you for a dime.
The Tango and the Fox Trot,
How wonderfully divine!
Now my darling you have seen,
Where you and I just might have been,
Decades back in time...
- Savanah Hindi ©

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