A Collection of Memories
Poems and Quotes

A Collection of Memories - Poems and Quotes

The memories of long love gather like drifting
snow, poignant as the mandarin ducks who float
side by side in sleep.
- Lady Murasaki

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When at evening in the vale I walk,
Wrapt in memories of dear Lucille;
When among the violets I lie,
All my hours of love before me steal.

Earth and heaven was this maid to me,
And her voice the song of lark and wren;
Now that she hath left my heart I know
Through the love of women God makes men.

If in distant countries I should dwell
With a people strange and proudly cold,
I would always see my long lost love
In the heart of dying marigold.
- Fenton Johnson

Recollection is the only paradise here on
earth from which we cannot be turned out.
- Richter

Anyone who limits her
vision to memories of
yesterday is already dead.
- Lilly Langtry


Reaching out
Once again

The memory
Lingers still
With a friend

Remember once
When skin was soft
- Catie Farrell

Memory Chamber

Memory is the cabinet of imagination, the
treasury of reason, the registry of
conscience, and the council chamber of thought.
- Basil

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.
- Oscar Wilde

Flexible Memory

If Memory is more flexible in childhood, it
is more tenacious in mature age; if childhood
has sometimes the memory of words, old age
has that of things, which impress themselves
according to the clearness of the conception of
the thought which we wish to retain.
- Bonstetten

As memory may be a paradise from
which we cannot be driven,
it may also be a hell from
which we cannot escape.
- John Lancaster Spalding

Memory Treasure

A memory without blot or contamination must
be an exquisite treasure, an inexhaustible
source of pure refreshment.
- Charlotte Bronte

Memories are the treasures that
we keep locked deep within the
storehouse of our souls,
to keep our hearts warm
when we are lonely.
- Becky Aligada

Memory Sorrow

Joy's recollection is no longer joy,
while sorrow's memory is sorrow still.
- Lord Byron

Joy's recollection is no longer joy,
while sorrow's memory is sorrow still.
- Lord Byron

The leaves of memory seemed to make
A mournful rustling in the dark.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Memory and Art

The true art of memory is the art of attention.
- Johnson

Memory Wisdom?

Memory is not wisdom;
idiots can by rote repeat volumes.
Yet what is wisdom without memory?
- Tupper

Memory, the Book of Judgement

That memory is the book of judgment, I can
well believe. Have, indeed, seen the same
thing asserted in modern books, and accompanied
by a remark which I am convinced is true,
namely: that the dread book of account, which
the Scriptures speak of is, in fact, the
mind itself of each individual. Of this,
at least, I feel assured that there is no
such thing forgetting, possible to the mind;
a thousand accidents may and will interpose
a veil between our present consciousness
and the secret inscriptions on the mind;
accidents of the same sort will also rend
away this veil; but whether veiled or
unveilded, the inscription remains forever;
just as the stars seem to withdraw before
the common light of day; whereas, in fact,
we know that it is the light which is drawn
over them as a veil, and that they are
waiting to be revealed, when the obscuring
daylight shall withdraw.
- De Quincy

True scholarship consists in
knowing not what things exist,
but what they mean;
it is not memory but judgment.
- James Russell Lowell

Memory Mother

Like a richly colored flame
whose bright tip Draws upward,
but is brushed by erring storm,
Then relentingly seeks
the earth's dark form
And buries its deep
desires bit by bit;
Thus your life ebbed,
though trembleing, pleading lips
Cried proffering words
to a Trinune God.
In vain I watched
for one familiar nod,
Then pressed my mouth
to thin black hairy wisps.
How can I forget?
Your smiling eyes
with sad mystery tinged;
Your helping hands,
though labor wrought with tasks;
Your clear
high laughter
had a depth
That thrilled my heart,
and lifted silence winged
With boundless joy.
Thank God!
Memories last!
- Hilda A. Dammirch


My name, and my place, and my tomb, all forgotten,
The brief race of time well and patiently run,
So let me pass away, peacefully, silently,
Only remembered by what I have done.
- Bonar

Memory is the cabinet of imagination,
the treasury of reason,
the registry of conscience,
and the council chamber of thought."
- St. Basil

A Collection
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A Collection of Memories


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