Autumn Love
Autumn and Fall Poems
Poem by Li Ching Chao

Autumn Love - Autumn and Fall Poems - Poem by Li Ching Chao

Search. Search. Seek. Seek.
Cold. Cold. Clear. Clear.
Sorrow. Sorrow. Pain. Pain.
Hot flashes. Sudden chills.
Stabbing pains. Slow agonies.
I can find no peace.
I drink two cups, then three bowls,
Of clear wine until I can’t
Stand up against a gust of wind.
Wild geese fly over head.
They wrench my heart.
They were our friends in the old days.
Gold chrysanthemums litter
The ground, pile up, faded, dead.
This season I could not bear
To pick them. All alone,
Motionless at my window,
I watch the gathering shadows.
Fine rain sifts through the wu-t’ung trees,
And drips, drop by drop, through the dusk.
What can I ever do now?
How can I drive off this word-
- Poem by Li Ching Chao

I love the fall.
I love it because
of the smells that
you speak of;
and also because
things are dying,
things that you
don't have to take
care of anymore,
and the grass
stops growing.
- Quote by
Mark Van Doren

Autumn Poems


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Autumn Love - Autumn and Fall Poems - Poem by Li Ching Chao


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