A Love Poem
The Red Rose

Love Poem by Savanah Hindi

A Love Poem - The Red Rose

Like rays of infinite sunlight
upon a wilted Red Rose,
you pierced
my red soft petals with your warmth.
Like raindrops from misty cool showers,
you refreshened my budding beauty.
Like the rich fertile soil,
you gave life to my roots.
Like a gentle breeze,
you made my green leaves,
reach for the rainbow.
Then suddenly,
without warning,
and as violently,
as a ravishing storm,
you blew away the petals,
leaving only
the thorns...
- Savanah ©

The rose and the thorn,
and sorrow and gladness
are linked together.
- Saadi

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your
friend was a choice, but falling in love
with you I had no control over."
- Unknown

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A Love Poem - The Red Rose


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